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Grunver Sostenibilidad

Our objective is to provide support and advice in the environmental field, seeking to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the development of environmental solutions in line with the realities of the market.
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We offer customized solutions that facilitate decision making and empower our clients in the field of environment.

  • Circular Economy
  • LCA and EPD
  • Organizational and product Carbon Footprint, Environmental Footprint and Water Footprint
  • Strategic Environmental Monitoring
  • Advice on the implementation of environmental certificates
  • Training courses on different environmental topics
  • Customised training sessions
  • Workshops and group dynamics
  • Calculation of the environmental impact of the event
  • Event Environmental Report.
  • Environmental awareness
  • Environmental certifications and labels
  • Emissions offsetting
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Nueva convocatoria de subvenciones para innovación en Economía Circular 2023
Marco de gestión y divulgación de riesgos y oportunidades relacionados con la naturaleza según el TNFD (v1.0)
Publicadas las versiones finales de las Normas Europeas de Información sobre Sostenibilidad (ESRS)